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Sally Wheeler known as Carrie Moore in ABC's sitcom "Two Of A Kind"

Sally Wheeler makes her primetime series debut in "Two of a Kind." Sally Wheeler is a lot like her cool, fun and exiting character. Shs's supre-nice, talkative, and likes to laugh. But unlike Carrie, who's single and fancy-free, And Sally is a director's dream. She's pretty and she's very funny, too. It's a combination that's hard to come by." In her more chaotically arranged dressing room next door, Wheeler, who has a graduate degree in theater, daydreams about playing Medea or Lady Macbeth again. But playing in TV with a marvelous face trained to project comedy to the upper balcony, she says she can sometimes hear off-camera whispers after a take: "Is she really going to do that?" Carrie projects a perpetual readiness to run off on some devilish adventure. In fact, she said, those are qualities she conjures from her best friend, and cousin, who at the merest mention of snow will show up the next morning with her skis and a bottle of tequila. The Winter Haven, Florida native attended college at Queens College in Charlotte, North Carolina, and later earned her MFA in acting at the University of Florida. She also did post-graduate work at Warwick University in Coventry, England.
After moving to New York, she began her professional acting career in daytime serials, and in plays both on and off-Broadway and in regional theaters. Among the TV shows in which she has appeared are "As the World Turns," "Guiding Light" and "Another World." On stage, she has had roles in plays such as "As You Like It," "Fiddler on the Roof," "Detective Story," "The Bear," "Stargazer," "Daughters of Lear" and "Transformations."

When not performing, she enjoys horseback riding, rollerblading and playing the violin. She is also involved in children's and adult literacy programs.But unlike Carrie, who's single and fancy-free, Sally is engaged to an investment banker in New York City. They were fixed up after her fianc?aw her perform in a play in New York.
Hometown: Winter Haven, FL
Birthdate: May 19

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